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Eco-Friendly & Healthy Ways to Decorate Your Homes

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Earthborn Paints Come to Malta!

An Eco-Friendly & Healthy Way to Decorate Your Homes

What if we were to tell you that you can now paint the walls of your house without causing any damage to the environment? Without having to suffer that lingering paint smell that permeates every room? With none of the chemicals normally found in paint, which can potentially harm your health and that of your loved ones?

I am excited to announce that you may now purchase Earthborn paints through Vera Sant

Fournier - Interior Design Studio, the paints used in her projects, where they are to be found exclusively on our islands. This is a huge step in the right direction to embellish your homes without significant impact on the environment and on your general wellbeing. "I had to share this brand with the public and colleagues alike, making them accessible to everyone", says Vera.

What's wrong with using conventional paints? Many of you have probably been using standard paints in your home without a second thought to their ingredients. You put up with the pungent smell that persists for weeks, and you never stop to consider the risks—because that is what you’re used to! This is probably also due to the fact there there is little to no education on building and interior materials, their toxicity levels and their impact on the environment. But, did you know that most of these paints contain chemicals called VOCs—volatile organic compounds. These are solvents that are released into the air as the paint dries and which cause that familiar odour associated with paint.

VOCs are extremely harmful if inhaled over a long period of time. They can trigger asthma attacks and headaches and cause a variety of other health problems, among them respiratory

complications, eye irritation, nausea, and dizziness.

Furthermore, research has shown that this off-gassing from paint into the atmosphere continues

for months—and even years! In fact, prolonged exposure was found to be linked to kidney and liver disease, as well as cancer. VOCs in paint also pollute the environment and damage the ozone layer, while conventional paint in itself is a very unsustainable product, due to the complex procedures used in its manufacture, disposal, and decomposition. It is no wonder that paint manufacture is second only to the automobile industry with regards to the amount of toxins released into the environment.

No one really sets out to harm themselves or their loved ones, but people often use commodities without realising how detrimental they are to their health and to the Earth’s ecosystem...because they do not know any better!

Opting for a product which is easier to produce and less damaging all round is surely the way forward, and this is where this impressive brand comes in.

So...what are Earthborn paints?

These highly breathable eco-paints are designed to last, easy to use, and have minimal adverse impact on people’s health and the environment. They are practically VOC-free and contain no acrylics, oils, or vinyls. Earthborn materials were the first to be awarded the prestigious EU Eco-Label, which endorses products with low environmental impact. In fact, they are the only British eco-paint company to meet the Eco-Label’s strict environmental standards.

Earthborn paints also carry the Toy Safety standard, which makes them extremely safe to use in children’s bedrooms, furniture, and toys. You can put your mind at rest when decorating their room, as the absence of harmful ingredients in the paint will make it perfectly safe for the children to sleep in their newly painted bedroom—that very same night!

Pregnant women are also protected during painting projects in the house, and families can enjoy using this brand knowing they are not putting themselves at risk and are also playing a part in preserving the environment. This is the way forward.

What about our islands?

Let’s face it, our houses in Malta generate a lot of damp, and many a wall has often been

discoloured by patches of mould. Up until recently, the common solution for damp was to use chemical infused buckets of all sort of anti-moffa (named) products, following a coat of which ultimately ends up trapping the moisture inside the walls, exacerbating the issue of damp, as well as ruining the paint due to moisture build-up.

All Earthborn paints are breathable, and they not only allow this moisture to be released but also deter condensation, are anti-static and prevent mould.

In the UK, Earthborn paints are favoured by architects and restorers, and they have been used in numerous renovation and conversion projects. Among these are the Grade II listed Northover Mill in Glastonbury, the 500-year-old Brasenose College in Oxford, and the Grade II listed townhouse hotel in Cheltenham, No 38 The Park.

Claypaint was used for all these projects, and this is the reason we chose to make this range available in Malta, since it is likewise ideal for our old townhouses, houses of character, palazzi, and boutique hotels.

Earthborn Claypaint has several unique qualities!

Made from an eco-friendly recipe, Claypaint has no smell and is completely free of emissions from harmful chemicals. It produces a matt finish, and its thick and creamy consistency makes its application extremely smooth, often with only one coat necessary. Its texture also helps cover any faults on the area being painted.

Claypaint is a good option for basically any interior surface—including stone, wood, gypsum, and lime plaster—and can even be used over pre-existing paintwork. It can also give an added touch to normal-looking walls and make them look like stucco or old plaster.

Claypaint is highly breathable and hygroscopic, i.e. it absorbs moisture. It is therefore optimal for damp houses and for use in kitchens and bathrooms, as it reduces the possibility of condensation and mould. Claypaint is moreover ideal for lime plaster and lime rendered walls.

Earthborn’s Eggshell No 17, designed especially for interior woodwork, is also available in

Malta! This is an oil- and acrylic-free paint, with no VOCs, which can be used for wood finishes. It is durable, washable, and scuff-resistant. It dries very quickly, and its smooth application makes it the perfect product for renovating and revamping your wooden furniture, and for recycling old furniture items. Read more about the collection available at www.earthbornmt.com

Will using this brand limit your colour choice? Absolutely not!

Being eco-friendly does not mean you have to sacrifice your personal style or limit your options. Earthborn provides a vast collection of beautiful colours, and you will definitely be

spoilt for choice when browsing the range that is available here in Malta.

The Classic Range comprises of 72 beautiful and assorted colours, with various fun names to choose from, among them Humpty Dumpty (ochre), Riding Hood (a deep orange/red), Bo Peep (pale blue), Marbles (white clays), Grasshopper (light green), Cupcake (pink icing), and The Lido (evoking images of turquoise Caribbean waters).

Furthermore, these paints come in a variety of neutral and accent colours, a definite bonus that

facilitates the 60-30-10 standard rule of decor, which states that a colour palette for a space

should include a dominant colour (60%), a secondary colour (30%), and an accent (10%).

Check out Earthborn’s range of colours here:

In this day and age, we all have a moral obligation to protect the environment, and here at our Studio, we always strive to encourage the everyday use of more sustainable products. By bringing Earthborn paints to our islands, we are making our contribution and aiming for the goals we want to achieve to make Malta and Gozo more ecologically friendly. You can order your FREE colour chart now here and it will be delivered to you by post, before you commit to choosing and ordering your colour. We are confident you will be inspired by this excellent and sustainable product!

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