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The German Design Council's Iconic Interiors Award Winner

The goal of the ICONIC AWARDS: Innovative Interior is to discover and honour the best achievements in all areas of interior design. The competition is aimed at all companies in the furniture industries, as well as their partners in the areas of interior design. The ICONIC AWARDS: Innovative Interior take a holistic approach to design. Furniture, lights and fixtures are no longer seen individually, but as design elements that form part of the overall composition. This approach results in landscaped interiors which have been designed down to the smallest detail to create the highest level of atmosphere and personal expression. Each of the individual elements that make up these holistic living environments – from the lights to the door handles, from the tableware to the room dividers and textiles – are designed with the greatest care and effort.

Our Botanical Rotation invention incorporates two difference materials on a rotation mechanism giving the end user the ability to transform their interiors on a whim and a simple arm and hand gesture. Meet our patent pending rotating room divider. We are proud to be in the same directory of winning designs with other major brands such as Grohe, Hulsta and Parador to mention a few, amongst other international Architectural and Interior Design Studios. This is the world of Interior Design, truly a first for a Maltese Interior Design Studio. Vera Sant Fournier - Interior Design Studio was already a pioneer in being on the forefront for international publications, the first being the luxury collectible coffee table book series by British publication house, Beyond Black - Fabulous Interiors and Architecture, back in 2015.

There is always a silver lining in any given situation, and although 2020 saw many changes for us all or perhaps plans that did not go as planned - 2021 is already turning out to be the year of new beginnings to keep pushing for the highest of standards, innovation and service.

Trends in interior design The German Design Council publishes the ICONIC Catalogue to coincide with the awards ceremony. This offers readers a comprehensive view of the latest trends. Innovative Interior. These awards, which enjoy an international cachet, honour important contemporary developments as well as outstanding achievements in design.

View the full category winners here. View the Vera Sant Fournier - Interior Design Studio winning Iconic Innovative Interior application here.

"In the centre of the city one must have exposure to greenery, especially in an office building. We created an engineered rotating room divider housing preserved moss - taking the company’s corporate colours we gave two different colours on each side, which means that the end user can also change their interiors as they please whilst enjoying the beauty of having more greenery in the office. Engaging, interactive, fun interiors that are never dull."

Photography by Alan Carville for Vera Sant Fournier - Interior Design Studio

Design by Vera Sant Fournier

*Patent pending design, reproduction is strictly prohibited in part or full - for enquires on how you can adapt this design to your project please email studio@verasantfournier.com

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